In early 2016, it was announced both the Mall Cinema movie theater in Hartford and the Tri-City Drive-In in Beaver Dam would both be getting much-needed upgrades and renovations. Cinema 33 in Hartford has been renovated in every aspect and the results have been outstanding. Now, the owner is looking to finally show the drive-in some love. 

Owner Luke Burden has relaunched a fundraiser in the hopes of getting donations to finally start renovating the drive-in on the outskirts of Beaver Dam.

The request to relaunch the fundraiser came from several Cinema 33 patrons who want to see the drive-in back up and running.

Here's Luke's statement:

"At the request of numerous patrons to Cinema 33
We are launching this fundraiser for the Tri-City Drive-In (Soon to be Drive in 33). Both businesses were in very poor shape and in dire need of renovations or the doors were closing at both locations when new ownership took over. We have come a long way at Cinema 33 and still have some ground to cover. We do have plans to still reopen this Drive-In as well. The Screen, Projection, Ticket Booth, and Entire Concession stand must be completely redone or replaced before these doors open up. We will do our very best to keeping forward with both locations if anyone would like to speed the process up this would be the fastest method. If the funds are there then the project can be completed in under 33 days! Please be patient with us as we have so much work to do. Thank you to all Cinema 33 patrons and future Drive-In 33 patrons!"

If you or someone you know wants to help out, HERE is the fundraiser link.

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