Do you know what the world needs more of?  Women empowering and uplifting other women.  Can I get an AMEN?  A recent Facebook group called "Gifting For Women" is doing just that and going completely VIRAL.

I have always heard when something sounds too good to be true it usually is.  Well, not in the case of the brand new Gifting For Women Facebook page that started just under two weeks ago by two ladies from Owensboro.  The page is nearing the 10,000 mark and counting with new women joining by the hour.

Holly & Corinthian McIntyre are the brains and beauty behind this massive movement.  They wanted a place to lift and gift other women if you will.  The group is for women only.  Not to discriminate but to offer a safe place for us all to come together and be kind to one another.

Here is how it works:

Corinthian McIntyre
Corinthian McIntyre

Basically, in a nutshell, it is women gifting other women off of their wish list on Amazon.  There is no sales gimmick or catch.  If you want to gift you do.  If you can't no one knows who is gifting or not.  No one is keeping score.  If anything these women are being grateful for the kindness of others.  It has created an amazing snowball effect of generosity.

Below are just a few of the responses I received when I asked the group how the gifting was going and what they have gotten in the mail.

Amber DawnTela Sanders
Amy Hardin Haley Ann Ellis
Ashley Martin
Brooke Lawrence
Celsey Hardesty Samantha Lee
Lauren Keller

What I love most is women are sharing their stories.  I saw one mother post "Are there any other mommas with Angel Babies?  Please post your link below I would love to gift you."  How awesome is that?  I am a momma to an Angel Baby my daughter Kathern.

Another woman asked for women who had fur babies and to post pictures and their Amazon links.

This is unique and fun and a great way to bring women together from all walks of life to bond, laugh, post about their triumphs, their daily life, their desires and dreams, and to help each other make wishes come true through the wish list.

Many women never buy for themselves.  This is a way to give and get in return.

I polled the women last night to find out where everyone was from.  Women were coming out of the woodwork from Kentucky, Florida, Ohio, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee, and several other places.  All these women in all these states brought together by kindness and love.  Who couldn't be excited about that?


I can't think of a better way to show Christ's love than through something like this.  My hope is that this catches on in other states, countries, even all over the world.

I sent my very first gift yesterday to someone I know and who is very special to me.    Even if I never received one gift the joy I've been given watching so many women care for friends and perfect strangers the same is immeasurable.


There is a quote that says "Behind every successful woman is a tribe of women who have her back."

I believe we have one heck of a tribe ladies.  Go forth and slay the day.

Now the mission of several ladies in this we can reach third world countries and bless them too.

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