I'm not sure what the statistics are today, but at one time, Owensboro ranked fairly high on a list of the cities with the most restaurants per capita.

I know we have a lot right now, patrons flock to ratings websites all the time to voice their opinions or to check the opinions of others before they go out to eat.

I'm sure many of the national chain joints rank highly, but I wanted to narrow it down to "local" fare.

And here is what I learned are the top five at TripAdvisor:

1. Colby's

Google Street View

2. Old Hickory Bar-B-Que

Dave Spencer/Townsquare Media

3. Moonlite Bar-B-Q

Moonlite BBQ Inn/Facebook

4. The Miller House

Google Street View

5. Bill's Restaurant

Google Street View

And there are many MORE great "local" dining spots in Owensboro, besides these. Let's seek them out and get them on the list.