This is always a fun list to check out.  It's TripAdvisor's Top Ten Things To Do in Owensboro, Kentucky.  There's always movement on this list, so it's fun to randomly check in to see if anything's been added and if anything has dropped out of the countdown.  Here's the current list!

Here are the Top Ten Things To Do in Owensboro, KY according to

#10- Owensboro Antique Mall

#9- Owensboro Convention Center

#8-  Western Kentucky Botanical Garden

#7- Panther Creek Park

#6- Legion Park

#5-  Yellow Creek Park

#4- O.Z. Tyler Distillery (a relatively new addition to town and the list)

#3- Reid's Orchard

#2- Preservation Station (recently rose to #2!!)

#1- Smothers Park (still the reigning champ)

As I mentioned, this list is forever changing.  However, there are some perennial favorites.  For instance, Smothers Park is #1 literally every time I check the Top Ten.  Also, the other parks- Legion, Yellow Creek and Panther Creek- tend to be constants in the Top Ten as well.  Jack C. Fisher Park, because of the popularity of that park with baseball/softball tournaments is always somewhere in the Top 20 or so.  And there are always some random attractions lurking there as well.  And, right now, that honor goes to the World's Largest Sassafras Tree, which sits at #11.  Some other fun honorable mentions include Misty Meadow Winery at #17 and Owensboro Peddlers Mall at #18.

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