Jeffrey Osborne saw Star Wars on opening weekend back in 1977.  Over forty years later, his love for the movie franchise continues.  Today he admits that "words can't describe what that movie meant to kids" of his generation.  While words might not be able to describe Jeffrey's passion for Star Wars, this can!  He is the proud owner of a one-of-a-kind, customized, life-size Han Solo coffee table.  Look!

The Han Solo Carbonite Coffee Table

Jeffery originally purchased the Solo piece from a sculptor in the UK.  He was able to snag it, but had to get it shipped to the U.S.  That price tag?  $1400!!  Yes, that's what it cost for the shipping alone.
Obviously, because Jeffrey doesn't want to mess with insanely expensive shipping cost, he's trying to sell the original piece locally.  The asking price (which he has listed on various sites, including Owensboro Barter and Trade) is $1800.  And I love Jeffrey's honesty.   He says, "Don’t waste my time with cheap offers!" 
If you'd like to learn more about the piece and make an offer, you can check out the official listing by CLICKING HERE!
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