It's the place where John Prine tells the story of his youth and strip mining; now the last plant at TVA Paradise is facing an uncertain future.

The Tennessee Valley Authority has asked for public input on a reviews of the potential environmental and socioeconomic impact of closing two plants, one at Bull Run in Anderson County, Tennessee and Unit 3 at Paradise in Muhlenberg County.

Unit 3 is the last coal-fired generator still operating at Paradise. The other two generators were retired last year when a new natural gas plant began operating on site which is considered to be more energy-efficient. The gas plant was constructed at a cost of more than a billion dollars.

TVA has shut down 32 of the 59 coal-fired plants it once operated. Unit 3 became operational in 1970. It has a generating capacity of 1,150 megawatts, enough to supply nearly one million homes.

HERE is where the public can view the TVA's environmental assessment report. Comments/input, including names and addresses, must be received by December 19th to be part of the public record.

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