A judge of someone's character can be abrupt, especially when it comes to one who may have ran afoul of the law, made a bad decision. However, two state inmates in Boyle County turned what could have been dangerous into a wise choice. 

Steven Flatt and Justin Sizemore were doing their usual work detail, picking up trash, and when they went to take a break to gather more trash bags, Sizemore found with his picker what he thought was a nothing more than a BB gun, but in a holster.

He discovered the innocuous weapon was a .22 caliber handgun. When the two men called over their supervisor, it was determined the gun was loaded with a full clip with one in the chamber. It was laying there on the ground, ready.

Sheriff Derek Robinson was out of town at the time and he commended the felons for their quick decision.

The serial number was taken down and if the weapon isn't claimed, it will be sent to the Kentucky State Police to be destroyed.

Flatt and Sizemore will receive some free phone times and pizza for their good deed. Flatt has two more months to serve, Sizemore, two years.

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