Keep calm and don't threaten people for doing something you wish they hadn't. Can that work for everyone?

I bet University of Kentucky guard Tyler Herro feels that way.

The Wildcats' sharpshooter--with that sparkling 94% free throw percentage--once committed to the University of Wisconsin.

But, as we know, Herro decommitted from the Badgers to come to UK.

That's when all heck broke loose. I use "heck." The Herro family likely used MUCH stronger words.

Bleacher Report is recounting the high-level harassment young Tyler encountered after his decision. One incident involved a man approaching Herro while the 18-year-old was gassing up his vehicle. The dude literally got right in Tyler's face and told him he hoped he got hit by a truck.

Can you imagine that happening to you, at ANY age? Let alone when you're 18 and simply trying to do what's best for you life.

It didn't stop there.

The Herro family endured acts of vandalism, like egged cars and garage doors. Not to mention some ugly gestures at games and name-calling.

Obviously, compared to someone hoping you become roadkill, being called a "traitor" really pales in comparison.

But Tyler rose above it and, in fact, has used any and all adversity as fuel for what has turned out to be and CONTINUES to be a massively successful season for the Milwaukee native.

Herro will try to keep the lights-out shooting going when Kentucky takes on Abilene Christian in round one of the 2019 NCAA Tournament.

The Wildcats face the Wildcats Thursday evening at 6:10.


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