Earlier this year, Owensboro's Colt Walker popped up as the lead character in Jordan Davis' video for "Next Thing You Know." In case you missed his appearance in that video, which is an emotional look at and tribute to how quickly time flies, check it out!

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Now, Colt's featured in another music video out of Nashville. Tyler Hubbard, formerly of the popular duo Florida Georgia Line, just released a video for his latest single- "Back The Right Now."

The song is a celebration of traditions of the past and a declaration that he needs some 'back then' right now. Here's a sample of the lyrics:

Back when that blacktop was just a gravel road
Back when that Walmart was just a fishin' hole
Back when my ol' guitar had some brand-new strings
Yes, it did

Back when a work truck was just a stick shift
Back when you took a pic and didn't have to post it
Back when a Baptist church was where we learned to sing
Yeah, we did
I could use some back then, right now

In the video, Tyler sings as we're shown scenes from a pool party, some dirt bike action and some guys at a basketball court where Tyler's friends are playing hoops. Colt is right there- up in the middle of all the action.

Take a look!

Colt shared the link to the video on social media yesterday and surprised his friends and family with the announcement that he landed a role in it.

He calls "Back Then Right Now" a "super fun video."

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