Late last month, the U.S House of Representatives Oversight Committee held a hearing about UFOs. That hearing was the result of whistleblower claims that the U.S. government is in possession of alien aircraft and allegations that government officials have been covering up this alleged evidence of extraterrestrial life for decades. Among that "proof" is what some consider to be "nonhuman" biological matter.

Ryan Graves, a retired Navy pilot, was called as a witness and he claimed that both military and commercial airline personnel routinely see unidentified aerial phenomena. Graves assured the committee that UFOs are indeed a thing. And that "thing" may have just happened here in the Tristate area.

Is it possible we just had some UAP activity here in Owensboro? Several local residents believe so and it allegedly happened over the weekend.

Saturday morning, Claire Williams saw some "weird floating things in the sky" and managed to capture some video.

Take a look!

As it turns out, Claire wasn't alone. Pardon that pun, because apparently none of us may be. Earlier that morning, Dustin Albin and some friends were bowfishing in the Green River. It was about 2am and the Perseid meteor shower was well underway. Dustin says they definitely saw some shooting stars, but then saw something he and his friends really can't explain.

Between 2am and 3am, they noticed what appeared to be some sort of aircraft. It was far off in the distance, but Dustin says they knew it wasn't a meteor. "It had sequential lights" and they watched it change direction multiple times. In fact, Dustin says that when the object shifted its trajectory, it did it on a dime. And Dustin knows that's something our aircraft cannot do. He says, "I know what a meteor looks like. That wasn't a meteor."

Dustin has been around planes his whole life. His dad was a construction worker who also loved to fly. His dad had a pilot's license and spent much of his time in the air. Dustin, who inherited his Dad's love of flying, knows our modern aircraft do not behave this way. They're incapable of it.

So, what exactly was in our airspace over the weekend?  It's unclear at best. But there's no denying that multiple people saw it. There were various comments on a Next Door thread.

Next Door
Next Door

And here's a coincidence that's incredibly interesting. Check out Joe Robertson's description of what he saw Saturday. Owensboro's history with possible UFOs dates back to the 1950s. According to documented Air Force files, at 10am, June 23rd, 1952, National Guard Lt. Colonel O.L. Depp (Johnny's grandfather) reported two objects looking like giant soap bubbles- reflecting yellow and lavender colors- flying in formation over the city for five seconds.

Giant soap bubbles? Really?  Watch that YouTube short again. The Colonel's description bears an almost uncanny resemblance to the objects captured Saturday by Claire Williams.  While there may be a simple explanation here, the extraterrestrial possibilities are fascinating.

Are we truly not alone? In 1952, it seemed that there could potentially be life out there. 71 years later, if these eyewitness accounts are indeed the truth, whomever is out there may have come back.

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