It's not every year that the Kentucky Wildcats' football team is good enough to win at Florida AND beat a top-15-ranked opponent.

In fact, before 2018, it had been 32 LONG years since the former had happened ANYWHERE and the latter had only occurred twice this decade (South Carolina in 2010 and Louisville in 2016).

So you can understand UK fans being overwhelmed with so much exuberance over this particular 4-0 start that they'd storm the field after a key victory like the one over Mississippi State.

Except, that exuberance has led to the university incurring a $100,000 fine.

The SEC put its foot down some time back about storming the field or the court (in the case of a basketball game) and they're not playing around.

And you might be asking, "But isn't it supposed to be a $50,000 fine?"

Yes it is. For the FIRST offense.

This is Big Blue Nation's second, following a similar reaction to the Wildcats' win over UNRANKED South Carolina in 2014...the first of four straight victories over the Gamecocks.

SIDE NOTE: I love the irony of the South Carolina thing because THEY got tagged for a fine when their basketball team beat Kentucky a couple of years ago and the fans rushed the court.

So, we're back to the $100,000 fine. But here's what's interesting. This is probably the best UK football team we've seen since, at least, 2007 and maybe further back. It's not outside the realm of possibilities that Kentucky could pick up another win the fans aren't used to the Wildcats' getting and then there's another storming of the field.

I'd have security on standby for that one, because the next offense is gonna cost $250,000.

Hey, UK fans...this looks like it's going to be a very enjoyable season. Please keep the pricey emotions in check.

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