University of Kentucky Basketball Coach John Calipari pretty much does things his way. He's known for his non-apologetic acceptance of  "one and done" basketball and even recruits players with that mindset. Now, along with helping young kids reach their dreams of playing in the NBA, he's giving them an incredible opportunity.

Hosting an unprecedented scouting combine for NBA personnel prior to the season is crazy, right? Nope... it's just Cal and it's genius.

According to Yahoo Sports, the combine would be held October 11-12 in Lexington. The players would run everything from full court (5 on 5) to individual drill workouts.

Here's where he's really just showing off... After allowing the reps from 30 NBA teams on campus those two days, he's limiting their observation throughout the season. He intends to block out NBA execs and scouts for several weeks, if not months during the season. Apparently, the young players tend to get a little distracted with all those scouts hanging around the practice gym throughout the season, ha!

I don't care if you're a Louisville/Indiana/Duke/whatever fan and you hate the Kitty-Cats with everything you have... give the man some credit here. Pure genius.