The show must go on.  If you're in show business, you are very familiar with that saying.  Quite frankly, it's more than a saying.  It's a motto, a way of life.  And, despite being shut down for months and months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the motto at The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville was just that. Though the thousands of country music fans, who flock to the Opry on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights, weren't there in person, they were there in spirit.  So, handfuls of country music stars and legends walked onto the Opry stage in into the famed Opry circle and performed for a completely empty room.  Some of those performances are now the stuff that Opry legends are made of.  And they've been captured on a brand new limited edition, commemorative vinyl album called Unbroken: Empty Room, Full Circle.


My good friend Dan Rogers, who is the VP/Executive Producer of The Grand Ole Opry, called the WBKR morning show to chat about the project and those amazing performances delivered in front of an empty house.

Fun fact, by the way, Dan is a graduate of the University of Evansville and started working at the Opry way back in 1999.  Twenty years and some change later, he's now running the show.  I think I have known Dan, known as "Opry Dan", for over fifteen years now.  He lives, loves, and breathes the Opry.  In fact, he's a walking Opry history with great memories and stories about the stars of the show that made country music famous.

Yes, ten years ago, the Opry survived a massive flood.  The Opry knows tragedy.  But nothing prepared Dan or the Opry for the last year.  But, the Opry spirit conquered and the longest running radio show in the United States continues.

Remember, the show MUST go on.  And Unbroken celebrates, forever, that it did.



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