The United Way of the Ohio Valley is collaborating with Bourbon with Heart for a creative and unique fundraiser which brings together two of my favorite things, bourbon, and art. These two entities are similar in that their main objective is to raise money for the local non-profits in the community.

Paula Yevincy, President and CEO of UWOV said “This is a great opportunity to bring together the 6 counties where UWOV helps support local non-profits, by sharing artwork from artists from each county. This event will be diverse like our communities by sharing artwork from all walks of life and learning the artist’s story behind the painted barrel.”

Photo by Matt Hoffman on Unsplash
Photo by Matt Hoffman on Unsplash

Bourbon with Heart had its inaugural event in Louisville, KY which was a huge success.  United Way of Ohio Valley is hoping to replicate that with the second right here in Owensboro this fall. Here is a clip from the organizers of that first event to explain more about what Bourbon with Heart is.



Bringing together local art and bourbon history creates a unique experience.  The goal is to hopefully also support artists in the area giving them a place to showcase their work. In fact, one of Owensboro's favorite artists, Aaron Kizer, will be creating a live painting which will be auctioned live afterward. He has not performed often in recent years, so this will be a treat for everyone who loves to see him work his magic on the canvas. Guests of this exciting event will also enjoy live music, a bourbon tasting, heavy hors d'oeuvres, a 50/50, and more! They will also get the first look at the painted bourbon barrels our local art community brings to life with their imagination and skill.

Photo by rhondak native florida folk artist on UNsplash
Photo by rhondak native florida folk artist on Unsplash
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United Way is currently seeking artist applicants to create these limited-edition bourbon barrels which will be featured at the event. The theme is focused on local and Kentucky heritage so think horses, farming, bar-b-que, bluegrass, community, etc. Each artist will receive a budget for supplies and a barrel of course!  If chosen, they will be given a spotlight to share their story and inspiration as well as the chance to promote their artwork to the community.  Once the barrels are completed, the public will vote for their favorite and the artist will be awarded a cash prize as well as a donation to the charity of their choice. How cool is that?

To apply to be a featured artist, all you have to do is e-mail and  by Saturday, June 27.   For more information, please contact the UWOV office by e-mail or at 270-684-0668.

The Bourbon with Heart event itself will be held September 14, 2023, from 6:00 pm -9:00 pm at the Grand Stable Event Venue on HWY 144 in Philpot. More information to come on that, but feel free to check out the United Way of Ohio Valley Facebook page in the meantime for more details.


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