An antique three-piece glassware set is looking to be reunited with its owners after they sold by mistake at a yard sale in Owensboro, Kentucky over the weekend. You can help them track down this precious heirloom that belonged to their mom.


The Hwy 54 Yard Sale is a premier springtime event. People will clean their closets yearly and head to their front yards along the Hwy 54 corridor. It's three days of extreme treasure hunting approximately 50 miles from Owensboro to Leitchfield. The spring sale is behind us, but the fall sale is coming on September 19th, 20th, and 21st, 2024. Be sure to save the date!



If you shopped at the Hwy 54 Yard Sale this is for you. If you stopped by the sale in Throubread East Subdivision behind Planet Fitness, we need your help. There's an auto parts store on the right, Planet Fitness on the left, and the house is a light-colored brick home. If you stopped at this sale over the weekend these sentimental pieces were to be kept in the family. They're hoping to get them back.

One piece is an amber-colored bowl with a crown on top design. (Photo Not Avail)

The flatter plate has edges like ruffles with amber and different colors mingled in. Similar to this one sold on eBay.

Sold by nailgirl2 on eBay
Sold by nailgirl2 on eBay

The smaller amber piece is shaped kind of like a nutshell. (Photo Not Avail)

Thank you to all who share this. My sister is heartbroken, and it bothers me too. It was our mother's.

If you have any information please reach out HERE. Hopefully, we can get the pieces reunited with their owners.

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