Do you know what seldom happens anymore? The phone ringing. Because of texting and messaging, my phone hardly rings anymore. And when it does, I'm like, "Oh Lord, now what?"

It's the same with a knock on the door. Nobody just drops in on anyone anymore. We ALL let folks know we're coming over before we get there. So, like a ringing phone, if someone knocks on my door, it's alarming. The fact that it rarely occurs anymore kind of bears that out.

Recently, there was an unsettling occurrence in Daviess County in which someone came to the door and knocked and asked for the homeowner's daughter to step outside. He was claiming to be representative of Kenergy. How unbelievably creepy is that? Since most companies want us to alert them to when someone is posing as a spokesperson, Kenergy was notified. This Facebook post followed:

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As the post said, that's pretty scary stuff. And it was a pretty brazen move on the part of whoever was posing as a Kenergy employee.

As for my commentary on knocking, no I won't freak out if I'm actually EXPECTING someone--like a Kenergy employee, for example--who wouldn't just walk right into my home.


What I find especially alarming about this is that the person who knocked on the door KNEW the homeowner HAD a daughter.

I report attempted scams to AT&T all the time. I get those phishing texts telling me I was overcharged and that I need to click the link to iron it out.

Anyway, a word to the wise is sufficient, I believe. Stay safe and vigilant.

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