Sing it with me now..."It's beginning to look a lot like Christmaaassss...iiifff you live out west..." Yeah, our friends in the Rockies and the high plains are dealing with a late summer that's looking more and more like a Christmas Eve obstacle course for a certain jolly old elf and his eight tiny reindeer.

Here in the tri-state, however, it's early September business as usual, with warm temperatures and humidity levels that are far more tolerable than the July sauna the Ohio Valley must always face.

But that doesn't mean folks aren't already preparing for Christmas. Seriously, without even checking, I'd imagine either you or someone you know has already started (if not finished) Christmas shopping. And when I was a kid, the Sears and JCPenney Christmas catalogs would have already arrived and I would've already picked out half the toy section for my list for Santa.

Christmas starts early, in hearts and minds, if not on lawns and driveways.

Just ask the folks in the big brown vans and the similarly-hued apparel. Yep, UPS is getting ready for the holidays, too, by adding more than 100,000 to its workforce, according to Bloomberg.

In fact, the additions are in excess of what the delivery company did last year, and that, according to a UPS human resources officer, is a result of COVID -19.

I've heard stories from many of my friends who've said that, during the pandemic, they have ordered from Amazon and other online retailers like they never have before.

So the shipping industry has exploded in 2020. And that's just been in the spring and summertime. Imagine what it's going to be like during the busiest shipping season of the year--a time when UPS hires a lot of new faces anyway.

And FedEx is adding 75,000. Everybody knows what's coming.

So if you're looking for holiday work and you love to drive, this might be your answer. If you ARE interested, go to and good luck.

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