When I first heard the story of 68-year-old Karen Klein--an upstate New York bus monitor--who was verbally abused by students on her bus, I was outraged, simply furious. 

To know that there are 13-year-olds out there who would cruelly torment someone in this manner  is repulsive to me. And, honestly, I don't wanna hear, "They're just kids." Actually, they're just monsters. I suppose it's all part of the ongoing bullying epidemic that has infected this country. I can't imagine what these 7th graders would do to other students. And I don't want to.

But I do want to also express a great sense of relief at this story's happy outcome. A kid on the school bus captured this on video. And once the video went viral, the thousands upon thousands who saw it wanted to do something for Karen Klein.

A Canadian named Max Sidorov spearheaded an online fund-raising campaignin order to give Ms. Klein enough money to go on a well-earned vacation. But donors gave far beyond his expectations, as more than $300,000 has now been raised. (WARNING: Sidorov's website is indiegogo.com/loveforkarenhklein. However, the site contains the original video which is disturbing and is laced with harsh profanity.)

It's still pretty horrible that kids would be this despicable so casually, but it's equally heartening to see multitudes of strangers extend helping hands.