Last year, Angel and I created Wacky Wednesday to give families and their kids something fun to do and try during the ongoing COVID-19 quarantine.  We knew kids weren't in school and we wanted to give them something to break up the monotony (and absolute boredom) of being stuck at home.  And, honestly, we wanted to do something to entertain ourselves as well.

So, we created our Wacky Wednesday series and we attempted all kinds of crazy challenges and scientific experiments.  Some worked incredibly well.  Some were utter disasters.

Well, with the school year coming to its official close, we decided to bring Wacky Wednesday back for the summer.  Get ready, kids!  Today, we're tackling a game we kinda made up.  We're calling it the Nerf Gun Hit Me with Your Best Shot challenge where each body part is worth a set amount of points.  LOL!

Big shout out to Angel, who used her incredibly design skills to create targets to cover our breasticles and privates.  #Hysterical

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We try to make sure that each Wacky Wednesday challenge can be executed at your house.  Some are for adults.  Others are for kids.  Some, like today's, are for both.

Here's another example!

A few weeks ago, we teased the return of Wacky Wednesday with a special Spring Break edition.  We played Helium Karaoke and took requests from the Facebook Live audience.

You can check out all our Wacky Wednesday Challenges under videos on the WBKR Facebook Page.

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