It seems the most ethically-challenged among us are always lying in wait for their next opportunity to zap us at the most vulnerable time.

I'd say the flooding of the past week fits into that "vulnerable" category and that scam artists who, according to the Better Business Bureau, "present themselves as contractors able to fix or repair a homeowner's problems" fall into the "ethically-challenged" category.

They're called "storm chasers" and, unfortunately, they've been successful in their nefarious schemes.

They take folks' money then either do very little or nothing at all and then they're gone.

That's why the Better Business Bureau suggests you:

1. Resist high-pressure sales pitches

2. Don't pay for the entire job up front

3. Get multiple quotes

4. Get a written contract

5. Check with your insurance company

6. Be wary regarding places you can't see

Don't get scammed. And if you think you have been, report the experience to


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