If there was ever a job I've prepared my entire life for, this could be it. CableTV.com is looking to pay one destined winner $1,000 to watch all the Star Wars movies before the release of the final film The Rise of Skywalker on Friday, December 20th.

Naturally, the objective is to get the excitement going for the final movie, which I'm not sure they will need any hardcore help with that. The candidate must be an active Twitter user who is willing to share their Jedi wisdom on all social media, especially Twitch and Reddit.

You must be 18 or older and a US citizen to enter. You will watch:

-A New Hope

-The Empire Strikes Back

-Return of the Jedi

-The Phantom Menace

-Attack of the Clones

-Revenge of the Sith

-The Force Awakens

-The Last Jedi

-Rogue One


The good news is, you can watch them in any order, chronological, by release date, it's up to you.

HERE are all the details and the deadline to enter is Wednesday, December 11th. May the force be with you, and maybe me?

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