It was probably about 25 years ago that I attended a monster truck show at Roberts Stadium in Evansville.

It's one of my favorite memories from the historic arena because it was the first time I'd ever ATTENDED such a show. And it was a mindblower. It also would have been an EARDRUM blower had I not raced back to the concourse area and picked up some earplugs.


I was there for a live broadcast for the radio station, but I had to be very creative and do a lot of walking in order for my breaks to be heard. YOU know how loud those shows can get. What I DIDN'T know was just how big those TRUCKS can get. I was pretty close. And they were PROFESSIONALS.

That's what I find so interesting about the Kentucky Invitational Truck and Tractor Pull which happened last weekend in Lexington. Note the word INVITATIONAL. That means you bring your own. That's so cool.


And the trucks and tractors are so creative. I can't imagine how long the work required to get a truck into performance condition must take. Fortunately, I don't have to imagine how a show of this nature plays out. Check out THESE monsters.

You may have noticed in the comments section that someone pointed out how light the crowd was, but we had a lot of snow that weekend. And there was a lot more in Lexington than here.


ANYWAY, if you're interested in this kind of event, check out and hover over the "Results" tab from the menu on the left. You'll get another menu with the information you're looking for.

While they are not all invitationals, TNT Truck and Tractor Pull hosts events throughout the year. If this a hobby of yours--a pretty cool one, too--you may not have to strain yourself making vacation plans for 2022.

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History of the High Roller Monster Truck

Originally the High Roller Monster Truck was built in 1985 by David Mattingly of Fordsville. Although it's changed hands throughout the years, it still has its rich history. High Roller was and always has been a fan favorite!

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