Saturday night, Angel and I emceed the Puzzle Pieces' Lip Sync Battle at the Owensboro Convention Center.  And, naturally, we decided to perform too.  I decided to go for pure theatre and drama and I rounded up some dancer friends to help me stage a story of devastating heartbreak and delicious revenge.  I'm a Black Widow, Baby!!  Check it out!

HUGE thanks to my dancers: Kendal Connor, Kasey Noffsinger, Celine Le, Larisa Sapp, Morgan Porter, Judy Crutchfield, Micah Swift and Emily Lykins!  They were amazing and we had an absolute blast getting ready for Battle!

If you want to check out Angel's performance, she rocked it.  I knew she was going to bring it too and she did!  Watch her HERE!

**Big thanks to Wonder Boy Media for rocking out the video!!**

**And a massive thanks to Barb Birgy, who helped bring the Black Widow jacket to life!!  Without her costuming skills, this performance would still just be an idea.**

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