What were you doing Saturday night?  Like many of you, I was sitting in my living room watching the One World: Together at Home concert.  Not sure what was your favorite performance of the night, but this was mine.  Keith Urban's take on the Steve Winwood turned Whitney Houston/Kygo pop anthem "Higher Love" was mine.  This was incredible!

During the concert, I was messaging with my friend Reba down in Alexandria, Louisiana.  She sent me text that said, "The Keith Urban thing was awesome.  Awesomeness!  I think if I could see him in concert, I would freak out!"

I have said this before and it's the absolute truth as I see it.  For me, Keith Urban, of all the modern day country music stars, puts on THE best live show.  His concerts are testaments to his talent- his voice, his incredible musicianship and his catalog of hits.  Love this guy.  And Saturday night, he stole the Global Citizen show.

What was YOUR favorite performance of the concert?

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