Intimidation and fear. Those are two appropriate words that describe my first day at Daviess County Middle School in 1977.

Daviess County Middle School--First Impressions

I mean, what was to be expected of an 11-year-old boy who'd been in only one classroom each of his previous five years of elementary school AND in a building that was about half the size (and maybe a little less) of the one he was about to enter.

Yes, I was intimidated and afraid.

I have to change classes? I have classes OUTSIDE in what look like mobile homes? This thing has THREE LEVELS? Who are all these people?

But I quickly grew accustomed to the routine, even though the middle school years were tough ones. Maybe they are for every child.

The New Daviess County Middle School

See, I was there before that front section was built and IT'S really old now, too. But in a year, it is expected to be empty as students will report to class at the all-new Daviess County Middle School over by Gateway Commons and Hayden Road. Check out this aerial view from Tanner+West of the school under construction:

Daviess County Public Schools have published blueprints of the new school and it is going to be an ENORMOUS facility, but all one level, unlike the current older one.

The History of Daviess County Middle School

And the current OLDER one really is old. Did you know that it was the former location of Daviess County High School? That's right. My grandmother graduated from there in 1927.

So as a big fan of local history, I'm hoping they can find a use for the old building, but I'm not sure what that would be. Fortunately, that decision is not up to me.

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