My journey to give up pop for Lent is still going well. I'll be honest, I still have a long way to go. I found out Lent is actually 44 days not 40 this year. Lord give me strength! 

I know it's only been a week or so. Fact, it's been nine days, but who's counting? I am! The majority of what I have been drinking is water. It's always a safe bet. I'm including "water enhancers" in my repertoire. They are zero calorie liquids I squeeze into my water and I have lemonade (it's really too sweet), sweet tea (tastes odd), and sugar free Kool-Aid (OH YEAH!).

And I've succumbed to consuming tea sweetened with Splenda or my favorite, Sweet and Low. My grandmother Morris made the kind of sweet tea that would give us a cavity just looking at it. I also drink diet citrus green tea which is the closest to pop I'm going to get until April 13th. Speaking of Lent, I read on Sundays, the ban on what you are giving up is lifted. Uh, what?!?

Isn't that cheating? I know I'm not a traditional religious person, but as I understand it, you give something up for 40 days (really 44) you give it up, no exceptions. Yes, weekends and I've only experienced one so far, are tougher. I may go out to eat more and I may snack more. I'm also giving up beer, ooh that was hard to type. I know, pop does not equal beer, but it's a carbonated drink. Am I addicted to the sugar or the the carbonation? This commercial doesn't help either.

I mean what is life if I have a burger, fries, chicken, etc. without a pop? Here's to April 13th!

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