It's finally day 40, which is when Lent is supposed to end, but the calendar has this Thursday as the official end date. I'm ready to go further than that on my "No Pop for Lent" journey. Here's an update!

I should note about ten years ago I was drinking three cans or more of pop a day. It's just been in the past year, I've limited myself to one pop a day. I stopped buying pop to keep in my fridge. I really have no clue why I miss beer more, it could be the alcohol. One important change, I have definitely been sleeping better without all that caffeine keeping me up. Tea is my caffeine fix but I try to drink it before the evening arrives.

Giving up something you love or you crave is not easy. Determination and self-control are the keys I've used to help myself. I can't remember if I've shared this or not, but I gave up smoking about three and a half years ago, and giving up pop has been by far much harder. I know I have many more goals to meet, but achieving this goal is the kick starter I need.

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