Today is National Read Across America Day and I decided to spend the morning in the library at Newton Parrish Elementary School.  While I was there, Pancake Patty Moore (who's the librarian at the school) rounded up some students and we recited the National Read Across America Day oath.  Check this out!

And we snagged a few photos too!

Here I am with Pancake Patty (we call her that because she stops by the studio and makes us pancakes!!)!


Here's a photo of Taylor.  She got a little embarrassed when she heard her voice on the radio.  LOL!  And nice photobomb by Michael Gesser.


And, finally, we couldn't have National Read Across America Day without a photo of a Cat in the Hat, right?


I had a blast this morning.  The kids were hilarious and were pretty pumped about spending some quality time reading today.  And, you heard them when they recited the oath.  Take some time today.  Sit down with your kids and read.  It'll be rewarding for you and them.


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