We're not sure how this is happening and we have people at all levels--all the way up to corporate--looking into it.

But it's become apparent that someone is doing what's known as "caller ID spoofing."

It means that the WBKR request line number is being employed by someone other than ANYONE at WBKR to make prank phone calls.

We've had people call us today saying that the phone rings, they pick up, and someone on the other end tells them that they are live on the air and that they have won a contest and then at the end, the mysterious caller says "this is a prank."

Again, these calls are NOT FROM US.

If you win a contest from WBKR, you will absolutely know that you have.

If any of you get a phone call like this and our request line number comes up on your caller ID, please call and let us know.

It's entirely possible that it will always be the same language, but please let us know just the same.

We're sorry for this inconvenience and we plan to get to the bottom of it.


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