If you tuned into WBKR over the weekend, you were likely introduced to our new radio friend, Fern Lulham.  As you learned, Fern is originally from Hastings, England, but came to the United States to study radio broadcasting at Western Carolina University.  She is making her rounds at radio stations around the country and happened to stop in Owensboro during this city's busiest event, The International BBQ Festival.  So, naturally, Jaclyn and I couldn't let Fern leave our fine city without sampling our famous BBQ mutton.  Watch what happened when Fern got to meet our buddy, Jerry Morris and the gang from St. Mary's of the Woods cooking team.

Fern later got to sample burgoo and a deep-fried Twinkie.  And while she was highly critical about how we "Americans deep-fry everything" . . . she scarfed that thing down!  All-in-all, Fern loved the BBQ Fest, even if she did have to eat St. Mary's little lamb!  LOL!

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