Who is Isaac?

I was born here in Owensboro to my parents, Amy and Rodney Gray. I recently walked at Murray State's May 2022 commencement and will graduate with a Bachelor of Science Music Business degree in August. Some of my favorite things in the world include dressing fashionably (just ask Chad and Angel), hanging with friends, and boarding around town.


What Led Isaac to WBKR?

Jumping into my past, my main interests throughout my middle and high school studies focused on music-making. I began taking private lessons in eighth grade, taking a bus to DCHS every Monday afternoon for hour lessons with retired band director Mike Clark. Between these lessons teaching me higher music-making and performing in band daily, I quickly formed a love for the subject and became an avid saxophone student. Through my high school years, I continued performing and grinding on my saxophone with my sights on making it into one of the All-State Kentucky bands. As you can expect with hard work and dedication, I made it into All-State my senior year and was absolutely ecstatic when my band directors at the time, Karen Alward and Nate Clark, announced the achievement.


Continuing my education into my college career, I continued playing saxophone and made it into Murray State’s top band, the wind ensemble, by the second semester of my freshman year and performed with the most talented group of musicians I had ever been with. Watch my Sophomore Year Performance here. During my next two years in the wind ensemble, my love for music grew stronger and motivated my music business studies. For the summer of 2021, I began an internship at Friday After 5 under my beloved supervisor Francine Marseille. This was my first real step into the music industry and sparked my love for live music and entertainment.


Now as I intern here at WBKR for the summer, I aspire to combine my skills and talents learned in my internship and past years of performing to learn and succeed here at your local country radio station.


See you all this Summer!

I can't wait to see what this internship here at the station has to bring not only for me but also for the listeners and the community.

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