Did you all listen to Talk With Santa yesterday afternoon!  Santa Claus joined me in the WBKR studio from 4pm to 6pm to take phone calls and it was hilarious!  All sorts of kids from the tristate were calling in their last-minute gift requests.  They asked Santa for iPhones, large sabre tooth tigers, high heels and even a massage for mom.  It was an absolute scream.   And we're going to do it again today!  Santa Claus is back in town!

Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

If your child would like to talk with Santa, just give us a buzz at 270-926-WBKR (9257) or 1-800-844-WBKR (9257).  We'll get to as many calls as we can and play them back on the air.  If the lines are busy, keep trying.  You know Santa is a popular guy.

It's always hilarious when Santa Claus joins The Country Station!  So make your plans to tune in to Talk With Santa this afternoon!  We promise to serve up some great Christmas music and some hearty laughs!

Talk With Santa is proudly sponsored by Bobby Wilson's Home Furniture in Owensboro!