YES. The year has officially been saved. Aussie Firefighters are back and bringing the heat, with six new calendars featuring dogs, cats, farm animals and even a koala. Did I mention they're shirtless? So, lots of muscles too. I may need a moment.

Australian Firefighters Calendar
Australian Firefighters Calendar

Hose me down and turn me around. It's my favorite time of the year! When I get my annual email with photos of hunky Australian Firefighters posing with cute little animals. I shut my office door, open each photo and dream. Too much? How about you take a look for yourself and decide. You know that my love for Chris Young is real, but firefighter Brenden or Richard may bump him from my top spot. Richard or Brenden? I mean come on, do I really have to chose? I think that I found my favorite Aussie firefighters and my inner "cougar" is coming out. Drop the mic, it's time to unleash the Barb!

Did I mentioned that the annual calendar is for charity? Proceeds from the Australian Firefighters Calendar will go to various wildlife organizations. That's just a beautiful added bonus. Let's buckle up buttercup and take a look at some of my favorite hunky Aussie Firefighters. Oh, and the precious animals too, of course!

"From its humble beginnings, The Australian Firefighters Calendar was established in 1993 to support the Children's Hospital Foundation, providing funds for research into childhood burns. Now in its 28th year, The Australian Firefighters Calendar has raised over $3.2 million for various charities."

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Hot Firefighters, Kittens, Bunnies, Chicks, Puppies...Oh My!

Nope, we're not done yet! How about some special heroes loving on some sweet pups? It truly doesn't get any better than this. #meltmyheart

Hot guys raising money for charity is a beautiful thing! #heroes

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