Fast food marketing executives, lend me your ears! If you were in a brainstorming session encouraging your people to think "out of the box" regarding your next big publicity move, you might think about engaging Twitter trolls.

Because it's working for Wendy's.

I follow CBS college basketball announcer and Sports Illustrated contributor, Seth Davis, and every Sunday night he devotes an hour or so to responding to Twitter trolls.

He accepted the fact that there's nothing we can do about them and shaped it into a regular feature. And one I love.

For the uninitiated, a Twitter troll is someone who verbally accosts folks on the popular social media site and does so repeatedly, then hides behind the safety of the anonymous profile name.

Well, now, Wendy's has gotten into the act--well, the person in charge of its Twitter account has.

I'd attach the tweet that got this started but the user has taken it down.

So click here and see the original exchange.

In my opinion, whatever side anyone chooses to take, giving the Wendy's social media manager carte blanche to engage this guy is simple genius.

The story is viral.

People are talking about Wendy's.

I mean, this was first thing a co-worker mentioned to me when I got here today.

So, kudos!





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