When I was a kid, my summers usually consisted of hanging around the house and trips to the Grand Canyon with my family. Don't get me wrong - I had a magical childhood out in the country at a mini-farm that was filled with family, friends, and horses. But I distinctly remember my friends telling me tales of summer camp and I was always a little envious that I didn't get to join in on the fun.

My daughter is eight now and not quite old enough to go away to camp. So, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to enjoy it together as a family. I did some research and discovered a place only a couple of hours from us that looked pretty awesome.

Last year, my mom purchased a travel trailer for the family to use whenever we wanted. Yes, I have the best mom ever. We loaded up the Avenger and headed down to Prizer Point KOA at Lake Barkley - Kentucky Lakes Region. Oh my gosh, we had a blast and I got to fulfill all my childhood dreams of summer camp.

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From the moment you get on the property, there's a big sign that says, "Are You Ready to Have Fun?!" Yes, YES I'm literally here to have FUN! My husband - well he was just trying to not lose his mind from hauling a giant trailer down the interstate on a windy day.

We've been camping at KOAs before and I like that they are family-friendly. One of my favorites is Horse Cave KOA by Mammoth Cave. It's little in comparison but super cute and those bathrooms! GORG! (Do I measure campgrounds based on their bathrooms? Yes, I do. Stop judging me.) The bathhouses weren't quite Horse Cave material and only two were open but they were renovating the others. So, hopefully, I'll be able to give them an A+++ in the near future.

We had a bunch of kids with us so when I was researching, I looked for a place that offered lots of family activities. Some of the things Prizer Point offers are fishing (obviously, it's on Lake Barkley), indoor and outdoor games, family movie night, hiking trails, a jumping pillow, two pools, a pet park, a restaurant, boating, and a "waterpark."

Yes, there is a giant inflatable that you swim out to on the lake. It's a full-body workout but we had a ball. I will say, if you are physically challenged, like myself, you might want to just hang out in the water or at least invest in some water shoes. I got on the inflatable and was immediately greeted by two obstacles. In order to get to the trampoline, you had to either go over a waist-high "mountain" or use your arms and scissor-foot across the other "mountain." Water shoes would have helped because it's super slippery and you are wobbling around. I felt like a total walrus trying to heave my body over the waist-high obstacle. No luck. Then I got the bright idea to straddle it and go over it. Charlie horse! I ended up just giving up and falling back into the water and floating. Luckily, no one cares much about what you are doing or how you look which is a good thing because it wasn't pretty!

At the time we went, the campground was completely full. Everyone was super nice and respectful of your space but the spots are pretty tight. So, if you need to sprawl out and want total peace and quiet, this might not be your jam. Or at least wait until one of the new spots opens up or it's less busy in the campground. We stayed in spot 24 A, which was just fine for us. We had a nice open lake view, and a tiny grassy area to put the kids' tent. It was also pretty close to the pools, bathhouse, and other amenities so I felt safe sending the kids on their own.

If you are thinking about going but they are full, keep checking Facebook or call the office at 270-522-3752.

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