A dating app called Hater has determined, by way of its many users' tastes, what foods are hated most in each state.

Some I found surprising. Some I'd never even heard of. And some weren't even food.

For example, the most hated "foods" in Alaska and Hawaii are beverages. The Alaskans hate Voss brand bottled water (water?), whereas the islanders don't like Coke.

So who do I agree with?

Well, I'd have to go with Florida (licorice), Massachusettes (mayo on fries, which I've NEVER understood), and Colorado (Flaming Hot Cheetos--there's really no need to mess with Cheetos).

I strongly DISAGREE with California (Chick Fil-A), Ohio (pesto--and one of my best friends lives in Ohio and puts pesto on EVERYTHING), Maryland (the corner piece of a brownie--come on, are you SERIOUS? What, don't you like PUPPIES either?), and Georgia (tuna salad).

And I also disagree with my home state of Kentucky.

I obviously wasn't polled, because I love HUMMUS.

But, apparently, daters on Hater don't feel the same way.

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