Owensboro has a pretty wide variety of restaurants but we could definitely use a few more!  There are several vacant buildings that could be a great start for something new and we want to know what you're craving-->

First up the old Tumbleweed building;


This would be a great location for Chilis Restaurant or maybe even a Rafferty's!  We need more steak house options.

Next up the old Krispy Kreme building;


and lastly the old Ponderosa building in Wesleyan Park Plaza;


This building has been recently renovated and has great parking.  I love that it is off the beaten path just a little bit but still convenient.  I remember eating here with my mom when I was a kid.  I wish they would bring Ruby Tuesday's back to town.  It was a classic and I was so sad when it left.

Here's my list of suggestions for restaurants we need:

Spaghetti Factory
Ruby Tuesday's
Turoni's Pizza
Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt
Cheesecake Factory

What do you want to see come to Owensboro?  There are so many possibilities!

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