This is fun. I read an article recently about what song gets you going and gets you out of bed in the morning. Now granted, these writers' music preferences are a little bizzaro, but you get the idea. 



Now I understand some of you may still own the old clock radio combo. I owned a clock-radio-cassette player combo when I went to WKU. Yes, if set correctly, the tape player would go off for my alarm. These days, who doesn't use their phone for an alarm?; guilty as charged. Here's a neat experiment, I had no idea I could set my phone to play a song to wake up. Visual aid:


Yes, if you own an iPhone, not sure how new a model, you can choose any song from your library for an alarm. I'm currently using one of my favorite songs of all time, Sia's "Chandelier". The downside, I listen to all of it and then I hit snooze! But the best part, it starts again nine minutes later. Just to clarify, that is Adele's "All I Ask" and Nick Jonas/Tove Lo "Close" on the tiny list.

If I were to pick a country song to wake up to, it would have to be by Shania Twain and there's too many to choose from. Here's an ironic one.

What about you?