With the water main break in Owensboro today, supplies of bottled water are dwindling by the minute.  And there are reports of price gouging surfacing from service stations and convenience stores in the area.  In fact, it happened to me.  I stopped into a local convenience store and was charged $10.59 for a case of bottled water.  So, I called the Mayor's office to find out what to do about it.

According to the City of Owensboro, if you have a complaint of price-gouging, you can contact the Consumer Protection Division of the Kentucky Attorney General. Their website can be found here:

Additionally, the Consumer Protection Division of the Office of the Attorney General can be contacted by telephone at (502) 696-5389 or 1-888-432-9257 or by writing:

 Consumer Protection Division

1024 Capital Center Drive

Frankfort, KY  40601

WBKR listener and Facebook friend Mike Knight had a similar experience this afternoon.  According to a post he shared on the WBKR Facebook page, he " just bought 3 cases of water (at a service station) on Carter Road" and paid $29.97.

Mike Knight/Facebook
Mike Knight/Facebook

Mike admits he "didn’t ask the price" and accepts the blame.  However, he, like everyone else, realizes that the price tag is way too high (and completely out of the ordinary) for what he bought. 

In the meantime, OMU is working around the clock to resolve the ongoing water issue. A boil water notice was put in place earlier today and remains in effect. Understandably, many people are purchasing bottled water for convenience.  Hopefully you aren't being charged unreasonable amounts of money for something that is a basic human necessity.  If you are, the Mayor's office encourages you to report it.

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