Let me describe a "snow day" when I was a kid. It would begin very early in the morning because we very RARELY got school closing information before went to bed, back in the day.

So once the word was out that SCHOOL was out, well then all plans changed.

You see, back in the 70s, if snow kept us out of school, it was a LOT of snow. At the very least, it was more than enough to dust off the sled and head up to Rose Hill.

Now, I'm not talking about the cemetery. I'm talking about the REST of Rose Hill--the south part, separated FROM the cemetery by a fence that's still there.

That hill stretch all the way over to where Wellington Park.

And THAT was our sledding hill. It was within easy walking distance to many neighborhoods, so we often met up with other kids at the top of the hill that we didn't run around with ordinarily.

What a blast!

I'd imagine Chatauqua Park's hill is a good one. I can just tell by looking at it.

SIDE NOTE: I have to give props to an AWESOME sledding hill that isn't in Owensboro. I'm talking about Van Meter Hill on the campus of Western Kentucky University. It was a rare occurrence to have college classes cancelled on account of snow. But it happened. And whatever you could use to slide down that monstrous slope, you used it. Incredible.

Back to Owensboro. We're pretty flat, for the most part, so if there are any out in Daviess County of which I am not aware, I'm all ears.

And it looks like we have a pretty significant snow event headed our way, too, so I'd imagine whatever hills are the best ones for sledding will mighty busy in the days to come.

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