The Kroger in Wesleyan Park Plaza is looking to put up a mural at its west side entrance. But what will be featured on that mural?

The Messenger-Inquirer has indicated that the Owensboro Museum of Fine Art, which will create the mural, is looking for help from the city of Owensboro.

That means us.

Assuming that the mural will represent Owensboro and that it's a MURAL--a lot will be covered on its "canvas"--what could possibly be on it?

Will it be a singular theme or will it be a COLLECTION of themes representative of all aspects of the city?

I'm thinking you'd have to include barbecue in some shape, fashion, or form.

Maybe images of some of Owensboro's most well-known residents--both currently and historically speaking.

I'd imagine you couldn't go wrong with the Glover Cary Bridge.

What do you think? What subject matter would make the mural perfectly representative of the city of Owensboro?

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