While other new patches of earth are dug up for this new business or that new business out of Highway 54, there stands a building in a PRIME location ready to be inhabited.

I can't exactly remember when Logan's Roadhouse went away--it wasn't THAT long ago--but it's been an empty building long enough for us to speculate what could go in out there.

Or at least hope.

Based on conversations I've had, I've compiled a list of restaurants that some (myself included) would like to see take over the old Logan's building.

Keeping in mind that there are some chains that have a minimum population restriction (which means I could seriously be barking up the wrong tree), here they are, in no particular order:

1. Jack in the Box

L.A. City Council Proposes Ban On Fast-Food Chains
David McNew/Getty Images

It's not only time to scale down from big cities, but it's time to move into Kentucky.

2. Panda Express

Smithsonian Zoo's Baby Panda Bei Bei Turns One
Alex Wong/Getty Images

(Since I couldn't find a picture of the restaurant I could use--come on, Panda Express--how about this really cool picture of a couple of pandas?) Now, where were we? Oh yes...fast casual Chinese food sounds mighty good to me. Of course, if we get THIS, we won't get...

3. PF Chang's

Homemade Asian Beef and Broccoli

...but, oh is it ever so GOOD. I do, however, have a feeling Owensboro's a tad small for Chang's, even though this town would support it. (Since I couldn't find a picture of the restaurant I could use--come on, PF Chang's--how about this really cool picture of some Chinese food?)


Restaurant Chains Applebee's And IHOP To Close Over 100 Stores
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Folks have been SCREAMING for this one for years. In fact, whenever work begins on a property, people wonder if we're finally getting an IHOP. Of course, considering the fact that a bunch of IHOPs could be closing in 2018, we're probably out of luck.

5. Waffle House

Hurricane Nate Slams Into U.S. Gulf Coast
Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images

I've saved the best for last. You see, I get a little sad when I see these dot the landscapes when I'm traveling. I want my WAFFLE HOUSE BACK!


And, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE...anyone with way more development or city & regional planning knowledge than me (and there are tons that fit THAT category), chime in.

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