June 10th of last year I was zipping up the Natcher back to town.  I had been in Nashville broadcasting live at the Gaylord Opryland Resort.  I was somewhere between the Hartford/Beaver Dam exit and Owensboro when I passed by something sitting right next to a traffic cone in the middle of the highway.  There was a ton of construction and travel northbound was restricted to one lane.  When I got close enough to see what that "something" was, I realized it was a kitten.  And she was literally inches away from semis and other vehicles traveling at 70mph.  I pulled the WBKR Expedition into the emergency lane, slammed it into park, got out and ran, full-speed, back to where the kitten was. Luckily, she had moved toward the median and not into oncoming traffic.  I knelt down and asked her to come to me.  She did, without hesitation.  Thankfully.

I clutched her to my chest, walked back the Expedition, drove her to Owensboro and immediately made a Facebook post to see if any of my friends would like to adopt an adorable kitten who had apparently been dumped on the Natcher.  Within seconds, my friends Katrina and P.j. Starks sent me a message.  They had been discussing getting a new kitten.  Well, as it turns out, I had one for them.  So, I drove to Applebee's, where they were eating lunch, and dropped the kitten off to them.  They immediately fell in love with her.

Since that time, the kitten has grown into a cat and has become a staple of the Starks' household.  As a matter of fact, in honor of her "highway heritage", they named her Nat.

Katrina says Nat is spunky and sweet and has "really become a highlight of the family." As you can see in the photos above, she's quite attached to Connor and routinely sleeps in the bed with him. And Nat's sharing that affection with the rest of the family too.  Katrina says that Nat has a developed a morning ritual with her as well.  When Katrina is getting her morning coffee, Nat "feels the need to literally jump up into my arms for love."

Katrina adds, "She is perfect for our family."

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