You know when you pull up to a convenience store you might see just about anything. It's a place where all kinds of people go totally different places go to fill up their gas tanks and grab some snacks and drinks. Just then you thought you had seen everything, the convenience store patrons deliver the unbelievable.

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I've, personally, seen everything from a wedding, yes, I said wedding, to a fight, to an old vehicle I used to drive for work. But, in all my days of filling up my car, I've never seen anything like this.

While inside a convenience store in Arkansas, this crazy sight was seen. What in the world are these two doing? Here is what the person who took the video had to say.

My cousin was taking a road trip from Tennessee back to Oklahoma and stopped at a random gas station in Arkansas to take a pit stop. When they were inside, they looked out the window and saw this lady bent over with a guy on her back. They genuinely had no clue what was happening. So, we let the public decide and it looks like the top comments are 'Weekend at Bernie's,' alien stuff, or obvious back cracking. The act itself looks weird but doing it in public, is even weirder.



Ok, at first, I thought she was carrying a CPR dummy on her back. I thought, 'Whatever floats your boat!' LOL

But, toward the end of the video, it looks like she is helping to crack his back. I guess if you need your back popped, it doesn't matter where you are.

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