It's almost Bar-B-Q Festival time in downtown Owensboro!!  It's one of the few times of the year someone can ask, "What's that smell?" and you don't mind to tell them!  LOL!  The International Bar-B-Q Festival has been around since way back in 1979.  Not only is it tradition in Owensboro, but it essentially put Owensboro on the map.  See, Memphis can claim Bar-B-Q.  Uh . . . whatever!  St. Louis can claim good eatin' too!  Uh . . . always a bridesmaid St. Louie!  Better stick with that arch!   But Owensboro IS the Bar-B-Q capital of the world!   And the International Bar-B-Q Festival, the 2nd weekend of each May, is just a reminder how good OUR Bar-B-Q is!

I think the Bar-B-Q Festival is just hilarious!  I go down each year to broadcast.  I eat more than I should.  In fact, I basically turn into a media prostitute.  If someone gives me shredded meat or something with powdered sugar on it, chances are I will be on the microphone talking about them, the shredded meat and whatever has powdered sugar on it!  In addition to eating everything in sight,  I pretty much run into just about everyone that I know.  And I see those particular sights (and you all know what I'm talking about) that burn my retinas.  Basic rule:  If you are gnawing on a turkey leg, you probably shouldn't be wearing a halter top.  Just sayin'.  Oh, and I can't forget one of all-time favorite Bar-B-Q Festival moments.  A couple of years ago, Dave Spencer and I tag-teamed Day One coverage and within 30 minutes of beginning our broadcast, we did play-by-play . . . live on the air  . . . of the first arrest of that festival!  It was awesome!  Some goofball in cut-off denim shorts and a cut-off shirt (Ugh!) was tanked at 3 o'clock in the afternoon and acting a fool!  The Po-Po had that boy in handcuffs quicker than Dave Spencer and I could say "Uh-oh!  That boy is not gonna pass GO.  He's going directly to jail!"

Once again, WBKR will be bringing you all the action (including any potential arrests.  LOL!) from downtown Owensboro.  I will be broadcasting live Friday afternoon from 3pm to 7.  I'll be joined by our Digital Program Director Brad Bruner (a.k.a. Bradio).  He's bringing the video camera so there's a good chance that you'll end up on our website if you stop by the WBKR broadcast booth.  I personally plan to lather my face with mutton and fried Oreos and I don't care how I look on film.  Look!  It's the Bar-B-Q Fest and I plan to eat Gilbert Grape!  Okay?  Stop on by and we'll film you stuffing your face too!


Now, Friday evening, opening ceremonies begin at 5:30pm but shopping along 2nd Street starts much earlier in the day.  Carnival rides open at 5pm and you know those "carnies" are always a good show!  (I personally love the guys that look like they just got out of a federal prison for good behavior and are now operating a Tilt-A-Whirl).  Music on the Miller Stage fires up at 5pm as well.  Be sure to stop by and watch my songwriting buddy D.J. Potter.  I'm sure he and his wife Nicole will be singing some of our original songs.  Pardon me for a second while I toot my own horn.  TOOT!  Thank you!

If your last name is Lohan or Kardashian or Mullins or Graves, you may want to make a note of the following.  The Beer Garden opens at 5pm too.  That's always a good and unpredictable time.  You know what they say??  It's fun and games until someone stands on their head and starts spitting nickels at the crowd.  Just sayin'!  The Pie Eating Contest is at 5:45pm on the Miller Stage.  That's always attractive.  Whipped cream doesn't seem quite as appetizing when it's lodged up the nostril of a 6-year-old.  And, the Mutton Glutton opens at 6pm at the RiverPark Center.  (Many Bar-B-Fest faithful say that's the only REAL way to experience the BBQ Fest.  They all swear that's how you get the most bang for your buck!  This comes HIGHLY recommended.)

Oh, but be sure to go back to the Miller Stage at 9pm Friday night for my buddy Andy Brasher.  Brasher/Bogue is playing . . . and they are AMAZING!  If you're a fan of live music, trust me, that will be a highlight of the night.

Now, Saturday, Barb Birgy will be bringing you all the action from 10am to 2.  Stop by and see her and meet our brand new KWC intern, Alex Pierce.  Alex is with us for the summer and we're breaking her in quickly.  Basically, we're gonna send her to the river and force feed her burgoo and funnel cakes.  Welcome to radio, Alex!  And Saturday afternoon, Dave Spencer will be closing out our coverage when he broadcasts from 2pm to 6pm.  Don't be alarmed.  Yes, he looks like Big Foot.  Yes, he has Big Foot's appetite and will be gnawing on the aforemention turkey leg.  But he's harmless . . . like a big teddy bear.  Think Harry and the Hendersons!  Only Harry is going to gut a turkey carcass and probably scare the kids.

Whatever you do, be sure to make the WBKR broadcast booth a stop on your Bar-B-Q Festival journey!  We'll be getting folks signed up for our loyal listener rewards program (The BKR Bunch), we'll be giving away some really cool prizes, and we'll be chatting with a lot of YOU on the air about the festival and how flippin' awesome it is!  In fact, I am making myself HUNGRY typing this blog!  I happen to live just a few blocks from downtown and I can literally walk out onto my front porch (during the festival) and smell chickens and sheep roasting on the open fire.  I say . . . bring on the International Bar-B-Q Festival!  I am ready to chow down!  I don't care if I have burgoo dripping off my chin and pulled pork stuck in my teeth.  The festival is a tradition and WBKR is going to be there making sure it carries on!


For a complete schedule of events, list of musical acts, and other activities, visit  We'll see you May 13th and 14th in downtown Owensboro at the International Bar-B-Q Festival!  "Come for the food, saty for the fun!"