With so many fun places to visit, tons of delicious restaurants, and beautiful beaches to soak in the sun, it's hard to make a plan. I've never spent time in PCB, so I need your guidance. Where are your must-visit attractions in town?

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Growing up in Northern Michigan we didn't have extra money for vacations. Our normal vacation was packing up the pop-up camper and heading to a local campground. It was always fun, and I truly never knew that I was missing out on anything. Then I moved to Owensboro in 1994. After that, all vacation time pointed north to spend time with my family. I wouldn't have had it any other way. The time spent together as a family will always hold a special place in my heart. Then my parents passed away. I still try to make it home at least twice a year, but we also try to mingle in a vacation somewhere new.

Photo by Donna Mccoy on Unsplash
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I had the chance to go to Panama City Beach, Florida a few years ago for work. I flew in to the airport, took an Uber to the Holiday Inn Resort, and we stayed for three days. When I say that we "stayed", I'm saying that we never left the resort. Everything that we needed was right there and we had a blast! Didn't regret venturing off one bit. Do you like to see the city, visit attractions and eat at various restaurants?

Chris asked me out of the blue if I wanted to take a quick vacation in a couple of weeks. He already had the time off of work, but I wasn't planning on taking time off. He threw out Destin, Pensacola and Gulf Shores. We just kept going back and forth, and finally decided... why not go back to PCB! And, this time see the city, soak in the culture and eat at area restaurants. The question is where to go and what to eat? We'll only be there for three days and four nights so we want to make the most of it.

Chris and I are the WORST at making decisions. It takes us hours to decide anything, and sometimes bickering ensues. Help calm the "storm" and give us some suggestions so we can navigate the PCB waters! You can also message me thru WBKR app chat. I would love to hear your suggestions.

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