I guess I'm your typical YouTube viewer. I own it...I love funny animal videos and I love big game show moments. I'm THAT guy.


And with the possible exception of Family Feud, no game show offers more "are you serious?!?" moments than Wheel of Fortune. The legendary game show--in its CURRENT incarnation and with its current hosts, Pat Sajak and Vanna White--has been on the air in syndication for 39 seasons (plus the earlier version with Chuck Woolery as the host) and has given us MANY such moments over the years. Who remembers when this lady won a HOUSE?

What about the guy who gave away all his winnings--$145,000--to charity?

And if you become a contestant, and you're as good a puzzle-solver as Emil in THIS clip, then you shouldn't have any trouble collecting a lot of loot.


Now, THAT kind of prize money will not be up for grabs when Wheel of Fortune Live comes to the RiverPark Center in downtown Owensboro Thursday, September 8th. (Neither will a house.) But the prizes will be incredible, nonetheless, and the event is sure to be an absolute blast. And, guess what? Wheel of Fortune Live is actually KICKING OFF its 60-date fall tour IN Owensboro. Very cool.

Not only will WOFL's tour begin in Owensboro, but this is also the first time the iconic game show will hit the road in a live format, like The Price Is Right Live.


During WOFL, according to Variety, contestants will have opportunities to win up to $10,000, in addition to some really exciting trips. Also, contestants will be selected at random from the audience.

You can expect to have an amazing time, but you shouldn't expect to see Pat or Vanna. They will not be making the trip; hosts for the tour will be announced in the coming weeks.

According to the Wheel of Fortune Live website, registration for the show will begin three hours before it starts. And if you win something, you'll return to the stage after the show to fill out the necessary paperwork, after which the prize will be sent directly to your residence. Plus, you have to be at least 18 years of age to become a contestant.

How exciting to have Wheel of Fortune's first-ever live tour begin right here in Owensboro. Who knows? Memorable moments could occur that would lead to a long life on YouTube--hopefully, none like this, though.

Whew. That just about wore me out.

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