Today on the morning show, Angel and I invited folks around the WBKR listening area to share their snake-sighting stories and photos.  As Ron Rhodes said, when we have lots of water and warmth, snake sightings will increase.  If social media is any indicator, that had definitely been happening.  I have seen tons of snake photos on my timeline.

Those pics got me reminiscing about these two videos.  My friend Jordan Haire is TERRIFIED of snakes and I have pranked him over and over.  When he lived in town, we used to run together and would routinely knock down some miles on the Greenbelt here in town.  The Greenbelt, by the way, especially over by the Joe Ford Nature Center is pretty ripe for snake sightings.

Well, knowing Jordan was horribly afraid of them, I decided to pull off The Great Greenbelt Snake Prank- not once,  but twice!

Here's the first one . . .

LOL!  And now the second . . .

For the record, when Jordan was a student at U of L, Kevin and I visited him at his apartment , which was in the heart of downtown Louisville on the University of Louisville campus.  I screamed "Snake!" in his hallway and he hit the deck.  Clearly, he's pretty touchy about the serpents.

Now, I'm not much of a fan either and I have had my own share of scares on the Greenbelt, like the time I thought I was running up on a small tree limb in the middle of the path only to discover it was a snake about the size of an Anaconda.  Clearly, I am exaggerating, but that's how it felt and how much my heart was pounding.

So, I have to know.  Are you afraid of snakes too?

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Snake Encounters In Western Kentucky

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