If you've seen me, you know I'm a big guy. And maybe a thought that crosses your mind is, "Where does he get his clothes?" Well, it's a lot easier than it might seem, as there are big and tall stores and departments just about everywhere you look. Actually, the thought doesn't usually JUST cross people's minds. I get asked a lot where I buy from folks who have plus-sized family members or friends.


The other day, my sister came to me and said she was wanting to get my nephew jeans for Christmas, but she was having no luck here in Owensboro or Evansville. By the way, he's larger than me--big kid. And his pant size is a very unusual one. I know that from shopping experience and working experience--during college, I worked in big and tall retail. So I suggested we hit the road and go to Nashville. We tried the usual places like Casual Male and the big and tall department at Dillard's. No luck. Again, this particular size is highly unusual. But not so unusual that it's the Holy Grail. A very helpful associate at Dillard's made a phone call and steered us toward a store I'd never heard of called Men of Stature. It's on White Bridge Road in the southwest part of Nashville. Well, hallelujah! Not just because my sister was able to find what she was looking for, but because I was made aware of another big and tall option. Merry Christmas all the way around.


By the way, I love the store name--"Men of Stature." It's a clever way of getting the point across. They also have a sister store--or would that be "brother" store--in Knoxville called "Men of Measure." Plus-sized retail stores for both men and women know they should come up with names that are pleasing to the sensibilities of their clientele. And "Men of Stature" is a great way to do it. You don't want to call your store something crass like "Clothes for Fat Guys Who Are Real Tall." And kudos to the most famous of big and tall chains, Casual Male XL. They used to be known as Casual Male Big & Tall. But now they have a name that subtly indicates their purpose and, what do you know, it sounds like "excel." What's in a name? A great deal, as it turns out. And what's in a trip to Nashville to locate hard-to-find denims? Well...a great deal, as it turns out.

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