I'm a road warrior. When I can, I like to head out on any type of road trip, big or small. Kentucky, thankfully, has a lot of amazing two-lanes and places to stop to enhance my experience.

That's why a huge smile came across my face when I learned about this video Ben Childers posted on his Facebook page:

I'm a Kentuckian, born and bred, and maybe I should be a little ashamed of myself for not only never visiting some of these places but never even having HEARD of them.

I could ask, "Where have Flat Lick Falls, Laurel Lake, Lockegee Rock, Bark Camp Creek, and Chained Rock been all my life?"

But they've been right there! Waiting for me!

See, I'll stop cold (if traffic allows) when I see something I just have to capture with my camera, like this amazing old house in Butler County.

Dave Spencer
Dave Spencer

You never know what you're going to see on the road.

But back to the locations in that video. They are TAILOR-MADE for taking up all the space on my phone.

Oh well, that's what clouds are for.

Off I go...what about you?


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